Reseller platform with discounts from day one

For all our resellers, we offer a program with discounts on all orders! Get discounted price list from day one. With growing volumes, you will get even better prices.

Name SRS is a Shared Registrar System. A domain name registrar, which holds accreditation at ICANN - the global organization for the world's top level domains, for almost fifteen years now.

Name SRS offers all companies a reseller platform, for businesses who wants to offer domain names to their customers. Based on a powerful platform - including advanced control panel and API. We also offer add-on services such as SSL certificates, DNSSEC, TMCH and Premium DNS service.

Reseller benefits

  • Discount from day one
  • Bonus Tiers
  • Smooth integration
  • API and WHMCS
  • All TLDs in one place
  • Manage clients domains

Transparency to end customer

Your customers are your customers and transparency means that you retain all customer relationships yourself. The customer does not need to notice that you are using Name SRS as a domain name provider, and we never contact your customers directly.

Affordable prices on lots of TLDs

When you become a Name SRS reseller, you will get discounted rates for registrations, transfers and renewals in a variety of top level domains. We are also working with a price model that provides additional discount set to volume of your portfolio.

DNS management included

DNS service with zonefile editor and related services as web redirects and mailforward is always included for domains names at Name SRS. 

We also offer upgrades to Premium DNS!

SSL Certificates

In our control panel and platform, you can order and manage all types of SSL certificates, from several of the largest suppliers.

Easy management for secure connections!

World class DNS management

With our advanced DNS editor, we offer probably the best DNS management you can find.

Our proprietary editor offers all the features you need, importing data and giving you fast and easy DNS management.

Premium DNS

Our Premium DNS service, offers global anycast solutions with robust infrastructure, including name servers that are connected to several operators simultaneously through the use of IP Anycast technology.

Guarantees 100% DNS availability!


Name SRS offers a simple handling for DNSSEC in the control panel - one click solution!

With DNSSEC, all DNS lookups are signed with cryptographic keys and in this way it is ensured that the answers actually come from the right source and have not been changed during the transfer.

Legal services

Our team with established lawyers, can assist you and your customers in important issues regarding legal disputes for domain names.

We help companies all across the world, look after their brands online and enforce their rights when necessary.


Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) is a database that will increase the protection of trademarks on the Internet. A central repository for information about brands and their owners, to be verified, stored and disseminated.

DMPL is a possibility to block your name in hundreds of top level domains.

Trusted by ICANN and resellers all around the world, for over fifteen years.